1. What is the purpose of CJC’s Centre of Innovation and Technology?

The purpose of our Centre of Innovation and Technology is to contribute to South Africa’s goals of sustainable economic and social development and growth.

2. Who qualifies to be supported at the centre?

The Centre supports all students who studied at CJC and completed their post-school qualification, and also those who are in need of occupational programs which are not part of the ministerial programs (NCV and NATED), short skills programs.

3. What programs are offered at the centre?

Occupational programs registered with the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations and SETAs.

4. Where is the centre based?

The Centre is centralised and supports campuses from the Corporate Office.

5. Are the programs funded by NFSAS?

The programs are funded by National Skills Fund (NSF).

6. What are the resolutions taken at the Human Resource Development Council?

The HRDC advises the Deputy President about Artisan Development programs in the country, how the programs are rolled out and the impact it has on youth employment, and how they are collaborating with corporate and private industry.