The role of the Student Support Services (SSS) at the College is to:

  • Provide support to students to help them develop and achieve success.
  • To have programmes to raise the College completion rate among first year students, low income and students with disabilities.
  • Support students in career planning and development using Learner Profiler as a clinical approach tool to determine career choices.
  • Cultivate academic development through activities that build skills for enhanced performance which may include Peer Tutoring, study habits and time management.

Student Support Services also promotes inclusion and diversity by assisting students from disadvantaged groups with their needs at the College.


The Plan is to:

  • To systemise planning and student life at the College.
  • Ensure all areas receive equal attention at pre-entry, on-course and exit support levels.
  • Assist in analysing student needs.
  • Review existing practices.
  • Identifying key performance measures and,
  • Establishing minimum levels of provision.



The model indicates the services and support provided to students.


The College has seven campuses, where four members per campus are elected. The elections take place in February of each year, when the term of office of the last SRC ends.

The total number of members is 32.

The President leads the entire Council and Chairpersons lead at Campuses.


Sports, Arts and Culture and Performing groups also form part of the student life at our College.

The following activities are on offer for students to select from:

  • Athletics (men and women), Basketball (men and women, Chess (men and women) Football (men and women), Netball, Volleyball (men and women).
  • Debating society.
  • Brush painting, Choir, Charcoal painting, Drama, Freestyle and Hip Hop dance, Gumboots dancing, Pantsula dance, Pencil drawing, Poetry.

The College is a member of the Colleges Sport, Arts and Culture South Africa (COSACSA), at both the Provincial and National level.

*** In July 2022, two CJC students, Noluthando Bridgette Ntai and Mfundo Perfect Mabija won the COSACSA National Brush Painting Competition held at the Buffalo City TVET College in East London. Ntai also won the overall prize in the female category.***

The Debating team is very active and competes up to National levels where in 2021 we obtained position 2.


Higher Health promotes health and wellbeing for College and university students. Our College is one of the recipients of such a service for its students.

The Higher Health focus areas as follows:

  • Covid-19
  • Disability
  • Alcohol and drug abuse and Prevention
  • Sexual Reproductive Health, Maternal Health and Contraception
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Mental Health

They provide Peer Education and Counselling at the college.

Psychosocial support and personal support at no charge. The free service can be accessed at 0800 363636. Here a student shall receive a free counselling service, a psychologist online or even request a one-on-one.

With Higher Health, the students who may have experienced traumatic situations do receive immediate assistance to assist them deal with their trauma.

Partners of Higher Health are invited to the College to do activations and dialogues on topics related to the focus areas.


The provision of the service assists students with developing business concepts and being encouraged to expose their established businesses.

Students are provided with HEIs information to further their studies.

Job Readiness programmes are provided on an on-going schedule to exiting students across the College.

Internships and learnerships are provided to students.